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PowerPlastics Pool Covers

Power PlasticsFrom the smallest Jacuzzi to an Olympic sized swimming pool, from a leaf catcher to a Starline Roldeck automatic pool cover, from a solid cover to the new Safety Cover, PowerPlastics Pool Covers offers unique, quality solutions.

In our efforts to provide the market with environmentally effective solutions, we recently launched the new EnergyGuard cover. Designed and created in response to Eskom’s high electricity prices and the ongoing drought in the Southern Cape region, the EnergyGuard cover is a remarkable innovation.

Our trained sales staff will provide advice on the most appropriate solution given your individual requirements and our technical staff are on hand to install and fit covers where necessary.

In order to provide you, the pool owner, with an online option, indicative costs can be obtained from our website or an order placed on line.

Service excellence, high standards of quality and attention to detail help us retain our leadership position within our select target markets.

Proudly South African, we strive to act with integrity and honesty in the best interests of all our stakeholders.



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