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PowerPlastics Pool Covers

Power PlasticsFrom the smallest Jacuzzi to an Olympic sized swimming pool, from a leaf catcher to a Starline Roldeck automatic pool cover, from a solid cover to the new Safety Cover, PowerPlastics Pool Covers offers unique, quality solutions.




Decking has become very fashionable as a result of its clean look and smooth texture in contrast to the rest of the space as well as the fact that it is a natural product and it’s a great alternative as a paver.


Swimming Pool Costs


Swimming pool costs will always vary depending upon several factors, the most important being your budget! It will only cost as much as you can afford. You can always finance a pool and use the equity in your home to pay for construction. That is a great way to add value to your home.

The answer to the "how much does a swimming pool cost" question will depend on the following:

1. Construction Type - Concrete or Fiberglass?
2. Size of the pool
3. Design Specs

Approximate Pool Cost Estimates*

Concrete Pool - R50,000 - R150,000
Fiberglass Pool - R35,000 - R100,000

* Please check with your swimming pool contractor or pool builder and get a pool estimate. Make sure the pool company is reputable and reliable.


Water Features for Your Swimming Pool: An Overview


It’s every homeowner’s dream: a pool that transforms a boring backyard into a personal Caribbean resort. From waterfalls to sprays, moving and flowing water tends to have a calming, mood- altering effect and in a twist on the old adage: A little bit of water can go a long way.


How Does A Solar Swimming Pool Work?


A solar pool heater works with a pump that circulates swimming pool water through the filter as water flows through the the solar collector. While passing through the solar collector, it is warmed by the sun. The warmed then flows back into the pool. When the pool has reached your desired temperature, the water then bypasses the solar collector and returns directly to the pool.


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Pool Care Snippets

Myth: Your automatic pool cleaner needs to clean the whole pool and climb up steps as well.

Fact: Your automatic pool cleaner is designed to clean the surface and walls of your pool only. They cannot climb your steps.