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Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options

There’s Lots To Choose From, So Get Creative!

“Choices…choices…choices…” You’ll be thinking this on more than one occasion when you start designing your pool. From your first decision to your last, you’ll discover a nearly unlimited supply of options are available for you to choose from — enabling you to create a unique pool design that fits your needs and your personal style.

Inground vs. Above Ground

To dig or not to dig — that is your first option. The decision on whether to build an above ground pool or an inground pool is made partly based on location, but mostly on budget.

Inground Pool Options

If you decide to build an inground pool, you have three options: vinyl-lined, fiberglass or concrete/gunite. Determining which is the right choice for your pool may depend on your location, but the best decision you can make, when building an inground pool, is to hire a reputable contractor with extensive experience installing the type of pool you choose.


Coping is the hard edge that runs around the perimeter of your pool. It protects the pool foundation, as well as people getting in or out of the pool, and is available in a variety of styles and textures — concrete, slate, flagstone, clay, natural stone and more. Coordinate with your decking for a look that is uniquely yours.


From wood and concrete, to stones, pavers and unglazed tiles, your decking options may seem endless. Each comes in a variety of colors, shapes, patterns and textures, so get ready to express yourself!

Water Features

Want to add some extra splash to your pool? A water feature (or two…or three) may be the perfect solution. Exotic fountains and waterfalls, or whimsical jets and bubblers — choose one as a focal point or mix and match for a swimming pool that’s alive with personality.


Romantic, relaxing and therapeutic, spas are another great option to consider when designing your dream pool. Spillover spas that connect to your swimming pool can add a touch of drama, while free-standing spas can integrate into your overall poolscape and provide a steamy retreat away from the pool activity.


Extend your swim time by adding lights to your poolscape. Clear or colorful, under water or around the perimeter — your lighting choices range from traditional bulbs to LED and fiber optics. All help you create a safe and inviting atmosphere.


Whether you plan to use landscaping to add pretty finishing touches or as the foundation for a fantastic poolscape, you’ll want to enlist the help of a professional landscape designer. He or she will know the best landscaping choices for your area, can offer design ideas and will help bring your dream pool to life.

Outdoor Dining

Incorporating an outdoor dining area is like adding another room to your home — but without the walls or ceiling. You can start simple with a patio, BBQ and outdoor dining set, or go all out with a built-in outdoor kitchen and dining gazebo. Both options, and everything in between, create an inviting dining space for family and entertaining.

Safety and Maintenance

Knowing how you’ll keep your pool safe and clean is an important part of your pool design plan. Safety options range from basic signage and rescue equipment, to fencing, covers and alarm systems. Your pool maintenance plan can be hands-on, automated or hired out. Talk with your pool builder about what will work best for you.


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