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Where To Put Your Money

Where To Put Your Money

Spend It Where You’ll Most Enjoy It

When it comes to pool-building budgets, our philosophy is this: Spend it where you’ll see it.

When you envision your dream pool, the pool itself is usually a foundation upon which your backyard oasis is built. So our advice is to build the most basic pool possible to meet your needs, then focus your energy — and your budget — on creating a poolside environment you’ll never want to leave. The best poolscape designs integrate the pool, deck and patio, draw inspiration from nature, and reflect your personal style.

So how do you see your dream pool? Peaceful? Tropical? Luxurious? Here are some ideas to get you there:

DECKS provide nearly unlimited opportunities for you to express yourself. With a staggering selection of materials, colors and textures at your disposal, you can really flex some creative muscle.

WATER FEATURES add a dramatic flair to any pool. Your options include fountains, waterfalls, jets and bubblers — all available in a variety of styles so you can create the effect you’re looking for.

SPAS are a relaxing, therapeutic addition to any pool. You can go with a free-standing option that integrates with your overall poolscape, or a spillover spa built directly beside, and flowing into, your pool.

LIGHTING can add a splash of color to your pool. Underwater, LED and fiber optic perimeter options let you light up the night and change colors as often as you change your mood.

DINING AREAS can be as simple as a table, chairs and free-standing BBQ island, or as extravagant as a built-in covered outdoor kitchen and dining area. Both create a unique, memorable dining experience and endless entertaining opportunities.

AUTOMATED FEATURES can help keep your pool area safe and clean at the push of a button. From chemistry and cleaning to covers, automated features can take the hassle and worry out of caring for your pool — leaving you with more time to enjoy it.


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